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Muse Incense

When people ask what our store is I usually say: it’s the best place to go to find things you didn’t know you needed but can’t live without.  I feel that way about muse incense.  Not only is the luxe magnetic box a whole moment in itself but their spin on classic scents like Nag Champa and Dragons blood yields a rich almost velvety fragrance that leaves your space smelling amazing without being perfumey or overwhelming.

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Candles & Smells

Say what you will about candles as a gift, they’re pretty much always a safe bet.  Our candles are more than just safe bets though, we sourced the most luxurious, affordable and chic candles around to offer you a collection to drool over.

Incense & Sage

While we specialize in good vibes, it doesn’t hurt to have a few bundles of sage on hand for when the word (or you!) is feeling like a bad vibe. 

Garden Party

Everything you need to gift the plant lover in your life.  Explore our selection of preserved florals and terrarium making supplies.

Practically Beautiful

Explore our selection of charming and functional gifts for your home.


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