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Detroit, While I was Away.

At the beginning of the pandemic I was living in Chicago in a four story walk-up on the Northside of town. Like so many of my friends during this time I found myself face to face with the reality that I absolutely hated my life, my job that dragged me away from my hometown and pretty much everything I was doing.  So I packed up and came home to build something new.

Chelsea Jane started out as an idea for a space to go when you’re having a bad day, a space for us to learn to heal ourselves, a safe space for people lacking in safe-spaces, a homebase for me to put down roots, but most importantly as a love letter to my friends that have weathered storms. It’s an excellent place to make a good day even better.

In short, treat yo’self.
I’ll leave you with one of Detroit’s finest son’s David Blair who says it better than I ever could, Detroit While I was Away.

A Little Tour

I’m not sure we’re really using the word Apothecary correctly.  Honestly, we weren’t totally sure what to call this store other than “retail therapy”.