MJ and Me – Bashkim, The Gatherer


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This gnome’s name is Bashkim. He wears a dark green coat and carries a backpack. Bashkim spends his days gathering useful items in the garden or edge of the forest to bring home in his backpack. Today he has found a ripe acorn and some pristine moss. Moss is used to line and warm gnome boots, or maybe plug a leaky or drafty roof, and acorns are a main dietary staple. Bashkim thinks acorn soup sounds delicious right now.

Each gnome arrives with a bookmark that tells their name and their unique story. All gnomes are secured to a wood slice so that they will stand on any flat surface.

All MJ & Me products are crafted by hand with lots of love and a little bit of magic. We take pride in making sustainable gifts and decor inspired by nature. It is our hope that these gnomes will spark the imagination of your inner child. We hope you love them as much as we do. PLEASE NOTE: Keep out of reach of pets.


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