Black Obsidian Chakra Extractor | Grounding Black Obsidian


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The black obsidian is a protective, grounding, robust and swift acting crystal that provides intense healing. It is a powerful cleanser of all negativity and psychic smog created in an aura. Using black obsidian during meditation or carrying it during travel, enhances self-control, protects feelings and clears path to gain refreshed vitality and unparalleled empowerment. Most gemstones need cleansing, but not black obsidian. The glassy black obsidian, hand carved and polished with precision into a chakra extractor, makes an exclusive décor item and unique gift for crystal lovers! Buy our high quality black obsidian chakra extractor, sourced from Mexico, with complete confidence that it will be a perfect addition to your crystal collection. Sold: per piece. Size: 2 inches. Origin: Mexico.


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